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Finding the Exotic Napa Valley Hotels for Dream Holidays

Dream holidays always need dream locations. Your vacation is meant to rejuvenate your body and mind. So, make sure you spend your vacation at a place which is enticing and mesmerizing so it soothes your senses. Plan a visit to a place which can take you to a valley of heaven, away from your busy life.

Napa Valley hotels are perfect for spending your relaxing holiday. They are located on the north of San Francisco Bay Area in California and are easy to reach.

Napa Valley Hotels

These hotels are famous destinations for romantic vacations. Very few destinations in the world have qualities similar to the Napa Valley luxurious hotels. They are lavish with divine wine tasting rooms 1, art galleries and exciting night life. The environment of Napa Valley hotels is friendly and it never crosses your mind that you are away from home.  Napa Valley Hotel

Napa Valley hotels offer deluxe accommodation, rich breakfast and rooftop-restaurant sites to make your evenings even more special.

Tourists Enjoying the Picturesque of Napa Valley


Tourists Enjoying the Picturesque of Napa Valley

How to Reach Napa Valley Hotels

You can easily arrive at Napa Valley hotels by water, land or air. Many visitors hire private or chartered planes to get to the destination since there is no scheduled service to the Napa County airport. Some tourists take ferries and boats to arrive at this striking location. Furthermore, more than 90% of the visitors prefer to come by land.

Whatever route you choose, make sure you enjoy your journey. Do not to forget to make your reservations before you arrive at Napa Valley. A reservation at any Napa Valley hotel ensures a peaceful and hassle-free stay. You can book your room by contacting any reservation agency working for Napa Valley hotels.

Napa Valley Hotel Reservations

Many companies such as Napa Valley Reservations are offering Napa Valley hotel reservations.

It is suggested to book a Napa Valley hotel in advance through such websites. The reason is they know the best locations in the valley. They will guide you in selecting locations where you can make the most out of your vacation. Just let them know your preferences and they will book the perfect room for your stay.

Many of these companies offer services for free while others charge for finding the most romantic and unique place for you. They also offer deals to make your stay more comfortable at Napa Valley hotels.

5 Most Luxurious Napa Valley Hotels  

There is a wide range of Napa Valley hotels from which you can choose. However, for your convenience, here is a list of the most luxurious hotels in Napa Valley you can consider for your vacation.

1.  Auberge Du Soleil

This 5-star hotel tops the whole list. It is the most famous hotel in the valley and follows world class standards. The design of the hotel is French Mediterranean and it is among one of the top-notch resorts in California. You can find every luxury you have dreamt of in this hotel. Moreover, the staff can procure amenities for you on demand. It offers the best Napa Valley spas in which its own botanic garden herbs are used.    

2.   Vintage Inn            

This two story hotel accomodates the best high end restaurants 3. It also offers luxurious Napa Valley spas. The hotel has a romantic ambiance with French landscaping to attract and mesmerize visitors.

Vintage Inn is one of the smallest 5- star hotels in Napa Valley. It has only 80 rooms. However, breakfast, buffet, lunch, dinner and a relaxing pool make it a great small hotel.

Exotic Napa Valley Spa


Exotic Napa Valley Spa

3.   Meadowood

Meadowood is the only 2-star hotel in Napa Valley. It is an incredibly romantic resort with English manor and estate. It has separate cottages, lodges and suites for its guests. The hotel has a great swimming pool and golf and tennis courts.  

Luxurious Napa Valley Swimming Pool


Luxurious Napa Valley Swimming Pool

4.  River Terrace Inn

River Terrace Inn is a peaceful resort among a sea of wildflowers, hills and the tranquility of vineyards.  It offers luxurious accommodations, personalized services and captivating views. The hotel is a blend of contemporary style and downtown Napa.

You can enjoy the warmth of wood furnished suites with private balconies in River Terrace Inn. Moreover, the cool breeze and the sight of amazing vineyards here is enough enchant your spirit.  

1.  Caneros Inn

Caneros Inn is the most comfortable and casual hotel of the valley. The friendly and relaxed staff of this hotel attracts tourists.
In this hotel, every room is a bungalow with a separate patio and fireplace. The pool, spa and the Hilltop restaurant hold endless beauty which only makes you want to stay longer in this beautiful valley.  
In short, all Napa Valley hotels are ideal for a romantic luxury vacation. You can spend your valuable time enjoying the beauty of this endless valley while having a peaceful stay in the hotels of Napa Valley.

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