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Napa Valley Bike Tours

Napa Valley offers the luxury of the world’s most flavorsome wine, delicious food prepared by top chefs and attractive landscapes to rejuvenate the body and mind. There are several ways to enjoy the enticing beauty of this valley. One of the best ways is to take bike tours across Napa Valley.

Come out on roads leaving behind heels and wingtips. Take thrilling trips to wonderful vineyards1 and indulge in the beauty of this romantic valley.

Napa Valley Bike Tours

Biking is a great way to explore the exotic scenery of Napa Valley without any tension for parking space. In fact, the construction of special bike tracks is in process. However, for now, take extra care when biking on heavy roads and streets. Take extra precautions when biking on Silverado trail, north of Napa, because it is a rough, hilly and curved road. Moreover, many public busses have bike tracks on the front to facilitate your Napa Valley bike tour.

Tourists Enjoying the Picturesque of Napa Valley


Tourists Enjoying the Picturesque of Napa Valley

Types of Bikes

There are many websites that rent bikes such as, while there are others who also guide tourists in identifying the finest itineraries to take Napa Valley bike tours. Basically, there are two types of bikes available in Napa:

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes are a combination of mountain and road bikes and offer less strenuous biking. These bikes are available at only three shops in Napa. Palisades is the only shop that rents mountain bikes.

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have a maximum power of 20 mph and can cover an area up to 20 miles (depending on the weight and pedaling of the rider). The bikes have high tech gears with speed twist shifts and disc brakes (front and rear) which are helpful when biking on mountains.

Renting Bikes in nap Valley

The renting rates vary with the type of bikes, so make sure you ask what you will be getting for your price. Maps, racks and locks are also provided with these bikes, however, helmets are only available at St. Helena Cyclery and Palisades Mountain Sports.

The bike accessories are light in weight and can easily be worn by children. Additionally, bright colored carts are also attached with bikes of kids to make their trip an everlasting memory.

A Map of Napa Valley Provided with Rented Bike


A Map of Napa Valley Provided with Rented Bike


Places to Explore During Napa Valley Bike Tours

Silverado, linked with the highway, is a good place to start your Napa Valley bike tour. It has a bike line and is connected to the valley’s town by a network of cross roads. There are plenty of wineries and picturesque landscapes across the valley to visit on bikes.

The public parks are also ideal for biking. Get away with family and friends at relaxing picnic spots in Napa Valley wine tasting rooms2. Not all wineries allow picking so it is suggested to call ahead and ask before arriving.

Another captivating area to explore on bikes is Carneros Region. The magnificent scenery has fodder lands to canals and islands that reach into San Pablo Bay.

Bikers Riding Across the Napa Valley Wineries


Bikers Riding Across the Napa Valley Wineries

You can also take Napa Valley bike tours to Mount St. Helena. The views are incomparable with sparkling streams, endless rows of wildflowers and greenery all around.

Napa Valley is indeed a paradise. From luxury hotels3 to relaxing spas and from tasty wineries to tranquil vistas, it has all.

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