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A Guide to Napa Valley Wine Tasting

You can spend your vacation in Napa by making new friends and experiencing Napa Valley wine tasting each day. Not to forget, sightseeing attractive vineyards and wineries. Moreover, the beautiful weather in the valley along with the cool breeze will add to your tranquility. This creates a perfect environment to spend a quality vacation.

Napa Valley wine tasting Rooms

Napa Valley wine tasting rooms vary largely from a simple table set up to a lavishly furnished set up. However, the wine tasting rooms in wineries are quite simple and small. Whatever may be the size of the tasting room, visitors can easily approach the bar.

Moreover, there are many hosts to accommodate you in every Napa Valley wine tasting room.  Their attitude is warm and friendly. Even if you are trying the wine for the first time, you can ask for their suggestions and they will guide you in choosing the best wine.

Tourists Enjoying Wine in a Napa Valley Wine Tasting Room

Tourists Enjoying Wine in a Napa Valley Wine Tasting Room  

Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley wine tasting allows you to discover the finest wineries of the valley . Many wineries in Napa Valley are open to the public and offer wine tasting only to people who are 21 years and older.

Features of Napa Valley Wineries

The special features of many wineries in Napa Valley are:

  • They are open for public
  • They offer vineyard 2 tours
  • • Many wineries have picnic areas where you can spend time with your family and friends
  • Many Napa Valley wine tasting rooms have unique and creative architecture
A public Napa Valley Wine Tasting Room

A public Napa Valley Wine Tasting Room

Guide to Napa Valley wine tasting

Wine tasting is not about drinking excessively. While wine is made to drink and cherish, there are times when you need to assess and judge the quality of wine. It is especially important for those to savor the taste, for those who are going to enjoy the specific wine for the first time. Mastering the skill of wine tasting is important to get the most out of wine country.

Different Wine Types Available in Napa Valley

Different Wine Types Available in Napa Valley

There are some basic guidelines you can consider when going for Napa Valley wine tasting. They are:


Napa Valley wine tasting allows you to identify the best wine for you. Napa Valley wine tasting rooms have a variety of wine to select from.
Start your Napa Valley wine tasting by analyzing the color and clarity of wine.

Pour the wine you want to taste in a clear wine glass. Tilt the glass away and observe the color of wine. Check the color of the wine from the rim edges to the middle of the glass. Mostly wine has red, white or blush colors.


Your sense of smell can help you a lot in analyzing different wine types. Bring your glass near your nose and smell. Good wine smells of oak, flowers, berry or citrus.


After you have smelled the wine at any Napa Valley wine tasting room, this is the perfect time to taste your wine. Start tasting your wine with a small sip and roll it around your mouth.

Initially you may not feel the real taste, however, after some time you can discern different flavors of wine.

For example: Good quality red wine tastes of berry, plum, fir or plum after some time. Additionally, it may have some spices too such as pepper, cinnamon and clove.
Now when you have tasted different wine types, this is the time to select the one you liked the most. Select among the sweet, sour and bitter wine and complement it with cheese bread and a delectable meal.

Napa Valley wine tasting is an amazing experience and many hotels 3 allow you to taste the wine before you buy it.


Napa Valley wine tasting

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