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Top 8 Ways to Enjoy Napa Valley Wine Tours

Napa Valley Wine Tours

 Exciting Napa valley wine tours and great wine are a perfect combination to spend a luxurious vacation at Napa valley. Sit back and relax to enjoy the company of knowledgeable local guides while treating your taste buds with the most flavorsome wine.

Top 8 Ways to Enjoy Your Napa Valley Wine Tours

Exploring Napa valley wineries, Napa valley vineyards and tasting delicious wine are the main attractions of California’s Napa Valley. You can make most out of your vacation by visiting these locations through train, hot air balloon or limousine. Whatever way you choose to take Napa valley wine tours, these memories will remain fresh in your mind for years.

The following are the top 5 ways to make Napa valley wine tours more delightful.

Napa Valley Tour by Car

So far the most entertaining way to enjoy Napa valley wine tours is by car. You can hire a car to start the Napa valley wine tour. Do not forget to take a list of the best Napa valley wine tasting spots and the Napa valley wineries map before you hit the road.

Additionally, if you want to make your Napa valley wine tours more thrilling, consider Napa valley jeep tours. These jeeps provide you a wonderful experience by taking you through the eye –catching Napa valley vineyards

An attention-grabbing Vineyard in Napa Valley

An attention-grabbing Vineyard in Napa Valley

Napa Valley Tour by Limousine

A lot of tourism agents and websites offer luxury limo rides across Napa valley. You can choose among the classic limo or extended Humvee limo to make Napa valley wine tours wonderful. 

The agents themselves set itineraries for you, but you can also customize the routes according to your preferences. A limousine ride is one of the best ways to enjoy the alluring Napa Valley wineries.

A luxurious Limousine to start your Napa Valley Tour

A luxurious Limousine to start your Napa Valley Tour

Napa Valley Tour by Train

Napa valley offers an exclusive train traveling experience. Hop  on a Wine Train to get the pleasure of a three hour ride from the Napa to St. Helena (36 mile approx). There are various excursion options from which you can start Napa valley wine tours.

Many trains also offer services such as dinner packages, luncheons and visits to famous wineries of Napa Valley. Additionally, these trains arrange festivals and theme based special packages throughout the year where you can enjoy dinner and arrangements with your family.

Napa Valley Tour by Balloon

Touch the skies with breathtaking balloon Napa valley wine tours. The balloon will take you high above from where you can view the beautiful terrain of Napa Valley.

This amazing balloon ride takes about an hour and reaches an altitude of 2000 feet over Napa Valley. Many hot air balloon companies also offer complementary breakfast 3 during the ride.

Nothing on earth could be more exciting than having breakfast in the air. So, book a balloon now to take the pleasure of this magnificent breakfast experience.

An Attractive Balloon Riding Over the Wonderful Napa Valley Vineyards

An Attractive Balloon Riding Over the Wonderful Napa Valley Vineyards

Napa Valley Tour by Boat

Boats can also be hired for Napa valley wine tours. These tours last for a day and take you through the attractive locations in Napa Valley. You can travel the specified route by the guide or customize your route by picking itinerates where you can experience biking and hiking Napa valley wine tours.

Napa Valley Tour by Bus

You can either ride a designated bus or hire a private bus to take amazing Napa valley wine tours. Many of these buses stop at four famous wineries where they offer a picnic lunch. These Napa valley wine tours end with a ferry trip back to San Francisco.

Napa Valley Tour by Walk

Leave the car, bus and balloon behind, instead try to walk barefoot to soothe your senses with the smell of the fresh Napa valley vineyards. Many companies offer special packages for adventurous walks across Napa Valley. Moreover, they also provide you a great chance to get up-close and personal with famous wine makers to know the secret of their divine wine.

Napa Valley Tour by Bike

Hire a Harley for Napa valley wine tours. This ride is adventurous and will leave an ever lasting impression on your memory.

Whatever way to decide to reach the heavenly wine valley, you will not be disappointed. Unbelievable vineyards, attractive sceneries and a hospitable atmosphere will enchant you throughout Napa valley wine tours.

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